The spirit can

    fulfill its purpose

    when the mind & body

    are aligned with Wellness


    These self paced home study courses teach you how to let go of your mind's inner critic, tune in to your body's messages, and listen to your soul.

  • Explore the deeper meanings of wellness

    and how to embrace it within your own life

    Allow yourself to dive deep into what WELLNESS really means for us spiritual beings

    with these Personal Growth & Wellness Courses

    21 Days of Self Care

    for Mind Body & Soul

    online course -



    Body Shame

    into Body Appreciation

    online course -


  • Teaching & guiding women

    Anxiety & Stress


    Are you a woman suffering from too much stress and anxiety in your life, its leaving you feeling frozen on which direction to go?


    Maybe you've been on that hamster wheel of life, and its seems every time you think of getting off, you have no idea just how to do it?


    Does your heart ache to find peace and balance?

    Building Inner Strength


    Are you a people pleaser or say YES when your heart says no?


    Does establishing healthy boundaries with others make you go "huh"?


    Are you living a life based on a belief system that is no longer serving you?


    Have you built a life, that you now look around it and wonder how this happened?



    Living the Happy Life


    Is your soul calling you to expand in a different direction, to a higher purpose, but one in which you may not be sure of yet?


    Are you a Holistic Practitioner already, and wanting to expand your services?

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