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    2018年10月19日 · Self Discovery
    Most of us are in search of our life purpose. As a Life Coach, I work with people who are in search of their life's purpose. I have found that many people are struggling with this, including myself! Why? Because we realize the life we are living is not fulfilling to our soul. In fact,...
    2018年10月18日 · Self Discovery
    A Wise Woman is magical. She is rooted in the earth while connected to her Higher Self. She is Mother Nature. She is flooded with emotions, sensitive to energies, fire burning within. She rages like a tornado, and then becomes the calm after the storm. She is like the ocean. There is an entire...
    2018年10月18日 · Yoga
    I woke up this morning feeling inspired while also feeling something brewing within me to share. As I quickly perused my two social media news feeds, I realized what I needed to share from my heart. First let me briefly explain what I noticed this morning; Pictures of extremely difficult...
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