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How to Trust the Pain You are Feeling

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Life. It can be peaceful, it can be painful.

Every single one of us women know that life ebbs and flows and yet still when it does, it feels like a panic attack may emerge. Why?

Why do we resist the ebbs? The ebbs of family life, work, relationships, personal feelings and mental chatter are all a part of life.

Does it come down to how we each view life itself, consciously or unconsciously? I know many beautiful women who are conscious and awakened and yet when the ebbs start, it becomes almost too unbearable to handle.

Why does this happen?

The human species is currently attending life school. Take a look and observe your space. Can you see that you, me and everyone are being schooled right now?

Can we not see that life is full of lessons to be learned?

Can we not understand that we continue a cycle of learning, lesson after (perceivably) painful lesson, until it is truly understood?

We are provided lessons of learning every day, and its these lessons that are opportunities of personal growth.

These opportunities of personal growth that come into our space every day are there to assist us in our own personal evolution.

The slow grocery clerk; yep there's a lesson of patience. A screaming child; another lesson of patience.

But what about a pain though, a deep within pain that has not healed?

  • Can you sit with that pain, not judging it, not ignoring it, not demanding it to go away?
  • Next, can you have a conversation with it? 
  1. Ask what it's origin is, where the pain actually stems from (chances are this pain is from childhood)
  2. Ask this pain where it is trapped in your body. Emotions, thoughts, stories we repeatedly tell are all forms of energy too, and this energy can become trapped in your physical body.  So that pain in your hip, back or wherever could be associated with an emotion from many years ago you have chosen to stuff down and ignore. 
  • Invite it to show you what its purpose is. It may be "screaming" at you to release it!
  • More importantly, can you trust this pain?  can you trust its purpose for your evolutionary growth?  Can you understand that without this pain, you would not have this opportunity to rise higher and to be an inspiration to others?

Trust: Do you trust yourself?

This is what it comes down to. This is at the core of the pain; disbelief and mistrust in yourself and the purpose of the pain.

Can you find that this pain has a purpose for you?

What we Resist, Persists.

When we resist, it's like we are telling the pain that its purpose is NOT welcome here. But knowing the faults of our human-ness, is it possible your mind is not ready to learn the lesson yet, even though your soul is ready?

How do we know our soul is ready to learn the lesson? We know because the lesson was sent to you by...
Are you ready for this? The lesson was sent to you by...


Please do not confuse the painful experience for the lesson.

I am not saying you sent this painful experience to yourself.

What I am saying is:

  • We created Sacred Contracts before we came into this human form. 
  • We contracted with different souls to assist us in soul growth and spiritual lessons, and that we would accept the situation that would present to us in human life.
  • You "put out to the Universe" that you are ready to learn the lesson in (fill in the blank) and the opportunity to learn the lesson of (fill in the blank) was provided to you by enduring the pain of (fill in the blank).

Right now, fill in those blanks!

If you can not fill in the lesson of (fill in the blank) then you have not examined your pain from any other perspective than just the act in which the opportunity to learn the lesson occurred.

Resisting causes pain. Trust does not resist pain. Trust believes in its purpose.

I leave you with these last questions.

  1. Can you trust that your soul requested this LESSON to come to you to provide you this opportunity for your soul's evolution?
  2. Can you trust that your soul trusted in whatever act was to come to you, would be an act that you would be able to move through?

Its hard work I know, but its necessary if you want to grow. Keep growing.

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