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Navigating Separation/Divorce

as a Mom


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No one wants this...

No one wants to be in the position of separation and divorce. Not one. Yet some of us find ourselves here in this place, and believe me its a hard place to be in and navigating around as a Mom.

I created this video to share some of my struggles, how I try my best to navigate through the separation of my daughter when she is with her Dad, and give you some suggestions on how you can help yourself when your kiddos are not with you.

Guilt free, shame free, judgment free 

Do not let others opinions, thoughts, and beliefs get in the way of your own inner guidance. Life is hard. There are many painful ups and downs in life, and divorce is one of them. You are not alone in this.

Everyone's journey is different.

Life is not what we think it is. There are universal workings at hand. Trust in Source. Trust in the Universe. We do not know the Divine plan at hand in our lives, so let go and let God.

Sending all you Moms love and peace as you too navigate this uncharted territory in your life's story.

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