New Year, New Moon, New Path, New Beginnings.

I am a mystic.

In fact, I even love the word "mystic", along with mysticism, mystical, mystery and mysterious!

When I look at the moon, I can't help but feel the mystery in it. I feel an energetic draw to the moon.

My emotions and inner self fluctuates with the moon like the ocean's tide. I can almost swear I feel the ebb and flow of the energetic pull of the moon, I feel that connected to it.

So, on days like today when a new moon is upon us I must stop and feel.

I listen within and feel what it is I would like to have more of in my life. This is an opportunity for manifestations! You see, new moons are for the manifestor within us!

Because this is the first new moon of the new year I wanted to share some ideas with you that I sincerely hope you find helpful.

  • Journal. Journal about anything and everything! Journal about the things you need to let go of in your life so you can make room for newness! Journal about your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Journal about what inspires you and what you are grateful for! Journaling allows you to get the 1000's of things that take up valuable rent space in your mind! 

Your mind is a powerful entity, don't let it give shelter to anything not supporting you!

  • Gratitude Box. Create a box where you store your daily grateful notes. When you have a moment to focus (preferably in the morning so you can carry the gratitude in your heart all day) just write a few things on a list that you are grateful for. Become a powerful manifestor by writing things you want in your life that you may not currently have. Write them in the present tense as if you already have them. 

This is the Law of Attraction at work!


  • Vision Boards (also known as Manifestation or Dream Boards) are an exciting way to allow creativity to flow through you. The purpose is to create a visual that you can observe every day as a reminder for what you are working towards in your life. Keep it real and authentic, as this is not a "magic wish" board. When you are finished, place the board in a space you see everyday.
  1. Grab some magazines that have meaning for you (I don't choose celebrity gossip mags because there is nothing in there that would resemble the life I want to create).  I choose spirituality, yoga journals and travel magazines because that is what I choose more of in my life.
  2. Scissors for cutting out those images and words you are drawn to
  3. Poster Board (any size) and glue
  4. Organize it. I like to use feng shui when I organize my board, although you don't need to.  You can place the images in any way that you feel drawn. This is your own work of art!

I have created vision boards by myself and have also invited friends over to create with me.

Whatever calls to your soul.. do that!!

Vision Boards ONLINE! Yes you can create a vision board online and download and save it! I did this today because I don't have room with our new way of "tiny living" to have a bunch of magazines and a big poster board. Here's a quick link for you to check it out.

So on this New Moon in this New Year, I hope you find that resolutions should accompany the removal of things in our live that no longer serve us.

Replace the old for the new.

I give thanks for the opportunity to be able to look back on my past, reside in the present, and get giddy when creating my future! I hope this helps you find the same!

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