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Sacred Rebel Rising Course

6 week course of Self Discovery

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Sacred Rebel Rising 6 Series Online Course

Are you one of them?

Sacred Rebel Rising is the key to your self discovery journey because it allows you to unveil the untruths you’ve been programed to believe, become a witness to the life you have created so far, and it empowers you to take ownership in the choices you make by reclaiming your personal power!​

Sacred Rebel Rising is a 6 week Self Discovery Course that expands on the teachings of her book Sacred Rebel, by Tara Fournier.

This online course is for you:

  • if you pay more attention to everyone else’s needs and leave yours out in the cold
  • you feel overwhelmed with where you should begin your search
  • are looking for answers as to why you suffer from symptoms of fear, anxiety, worry, perfectionism, control, lack of self worth, and saying yes too often
  • have issues with creating healthy boundaries 
  • or maybe you’ve been going about life totally happy and kosher and then one day you suddenly feel different.  All of a sudden you find yourself wishing for something more and feel an inner nudge to go out and find it!

Whatever you are experiencing, the bottom line is you are here right now!

You may be experiencing signs and synchronicities but yet have no idea or maybe just a small hint of what it means.

This is the thing… there is an energetic shift happening in our world and some people have been feeling it, some are just beginning to experience it, and yet there are some who have no idea what I mean by this.

You are being summoned to awaken, to see the unseen, to lift the veils of lies and finally realize there is more to your life and existence!​

You'll receive each module weekly that consists of a video along with written exercises, all delivered right into your inbox! You'll also receive a link to join the video conference call each week with other women in the course, to ask questions and to work through the self discovery process.

In this Sacred Rebel Rising Course you will receive:

  • 6 video modules with over 5 hours of teachings (one sent each week for 6 weeks)  
  • 26 page Workbook (downloadable PDFs that are joined together with each video)
  • weekly LIVE video conference call with Tara and your women's circle

The 6 modules are divided into parts consisting of:

Module 1 Life Theme & Belief Systems

  • a discussion of your belief systems, revisiting your past of all the important experiences that have shaped you into who and where you are today
  • creation of your life timeline and theme

Module 2 Unearthing Your Buried Sacred Cries

  • You’ll name your 1st Sacred Cry you experienced in this lifetime and learn that anxiety, fear, worry, lack of self worth, control issues, perfectionism, lack of healthy boundaries, and people pleasing are all symptoms of a bigger and deeply buried problem we all have in common

Module 3 The Universe is Working With You

  • You’ll learn the power of your thoughts and how you are consciously, or unconsciously, creating your life with your thoughts
  • what it means to be a Co-Creator in your life
  • the two key ingredients required to create your own reality!

Module 4 Powerless to Powerful

  • You’ll learn the 3-C’s of creating a trusting relationship with yourself
  • the differences between being confrontational and assertive, and how our own perceptions get in the way
  • Saying No is an absolute must for a healthy life!
  • Disease is really a dis-ease within the mind, body, or spirit

Module 5 Empowered Living

  • You’ll learn how excuses ARE choices you create in your life
  • how owning your own excuses empowers you to rise above

Module 6 Expanding Into the Life You Choose

  • You’ll create a new life timeline and a new life theme of your future
  • a new story creation that you’ll focus on from this day forward
  • this module also accompanies a visual guided meditation of your future self

Order the book (available in Kindle Version)

Sacred Rebel on Amazon for ONLY $3.99

Learn more about this course in the video below.

What are you waiting for?

Become your own Sacred Rebel and begin living a life

you are ready to be living!

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