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What Makes a Strong Woman?

in mind, body & soul

· Mind to Spirit

"Be Strong"

These are words we women here all the time, and truth is, most of us are. We have to be. We aren't given much of a choice in today's world.

As young girls we are taught to be nice, be a good girl, and as we grow into womanhood we need to be strong.

Somehow, we misinterpreted this message of "be strong" and assumed it's meaning as, "don't be weak".

It's time to correct the meaning behind this expression.

So far, we have believed that being a strong woman means to:

  • not be overly emotional
  • not ask for help
  • do everything for anyone who needs help
  • be able to juggle everything in your life and your family's
  • not complain

Let's correct this notion, and revise a more relevant meaning.

So what makes a strong woman, in mind, body & soul, strong?

A woman who:

  • is connected to all her emotions, allowing herself to fully feel each one at any given time without self-judgment, guilt or shame
  • is conscious in her awareness of where she is in her life
  • is secure in her physical body, regardless of its size, shape, and color
  • asks for help, because she knows there is no such thing as doing it all
  • seeks personal & spiritual growth to learn more about who she is as a spiritual being in her physical manifestation
  • can be comfortable being uncomfortable in order to stretch herself into the woman she longs to be
  • picks herself back up after allowing herself to bend, break open, and even shatter
  • is not independent, but rather interdependent, as she understands we are all ONE
  • creates healthy boundaries, (even with her children)
  • takes action in spite of fear, just so she can feel the significance of reaching the other side of that fear, and rising above it!

So the next time...

you tell a woman, or a woman tells you to be strong, remember this meaningful message.

Honor every single aspect of what you are feeling, and who you are!

Do not suppress, but rather allow your intuition to guide your wellbeing.

Believe in yourself and trust the messages the Universe is communicating to you!

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