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The #1 Reason women struggle with appreciating their bodies

Day 21 of the 21 Days of Body Appreciation

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Do you appreciate your body?

Growing up as females in our society, we have been brainwashed into believing we must strive for perfection for our bodies. If you don't have the time, energy, and willpower to become a physical bodily success in this painful and judgmental endeavor, then you are not worthy; not worthy of happiness, joy, and love.

Our subconscious minds are under attack by subliminal messages every day. These messages show up on billboards driving down the road, in photoshopped magazines, and on our social media. We are bombarded. Its no wonder women struggle with seeing their own beauty. Mental comparisons of what is "right" for us to look like are starring us in the face.

So what is the #1 reason we struggle with appreciating our own bodies?

The #1 reason, is we have forgotten our core true essence.

What is core true essence?

Let's start with what it is not...

Your core true essence is not your individual personality traits, although the totality of your traits do make up the essence of who you are.

It is not what you do as a profession, for example a nurse or cosmetologist, although how you choose to be of service in this world is a part of your true essence.

What our core True Essence is...

The very essence of our being is the imprint of the pure Oneness of Source that was whispered into the formation of each of our souls. 

Your true essence is the part of you that existed before you came into this body, and the part that will still exist after your body has expired.

It is the manner in which your soul flows through the experiences of this lifetime.

Its not your mind or its thoughts it thinks. Rather, its who you "be" in your core; which is that stillness, that part of you that is without shadow.

A characteristic of your true essence are your spiritual gifts you brought here to Earth to share with others.

Imagine a musician. Being a musician is not someone's true essence, but rather what they create, that is connected to their true essence. When they make music, their creativity of that music connects them with their true essence, and it connects us with ours.

Why we have forgotten to "be" our True Essence

We are women with stories, who come from more stories.

These stories have become our identities.

We've dimmed the light of our true essence in order to shine the light on our stories, but you see, we are more of the Divine spark rather than the accumulation of our stories.

We must shift our perspective from stories, to soul.

True Essence is in everything living, but we can not see or relate to another on this elevated level if we do not see the true essence of ourself.

When we are disconnected from our true essence we are like the race horses with blinders. We can't see whats happening around us, only what's right in front of us, and feel there is no other option but to look forward. Imagine going through your entire life without taking a look around you... well thats what many people do every day of their lives.

When we are not connected to our true essence, we can not see, believe and connect with others on that level. We see only what we see - literally.

So we look in the mirror and we see sagging breasts, a full belly, wrinkles on our faces and we think we are what we see, and so we judge.

I invite you to move closer to that mirror. Real close. So close you only see your eyes. Look long and deep into those eyes, for the Universe, Spirit, and your true essence you will find.

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