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This Self-Awareness Practice is One I Bet You Haven't Done Yet

and is simple to incorporate into your life

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Self Awareness Practices are necessary if you want to evolve.

Developing self awareness allows you to understand yourself at a deeper level from where you currently are before you start it. Being aware of all the internal and external parts that make us "tick" are necessary for self discovery and personal growth.

As a Yoga Teacher and Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, developing my own practice of self awareness has allowed me to be a better human, partner and mom, and a better business owner simply because I am aware of the parts of me that allow me to flow or block the flow of life. Its an everyday practice though.

Self awareness is an ever evolving practice that never ends. I believe that a part of human existence and one of the many reasons why our souls came to experience this human life is to become aware of who we are; truly who we are as spiritual beings, powerful co-creators with Source, each of us interconnected and here to serve one another with the spiritual gifts imprinted into each of our souls.

So what are self awareness practices?

they are anything that makes you more aware of who you are

  • being intentionally aware of the present moment
  • conscious of each breath you are taking with the understanding there is something omnipotent that is guiding the breath within your body
  • honoring any aspect of your personality and learning how to work with it
  • understanding the mind, body, and spirit connection within your own being

The one I believe may be hardest to do, is to honor our many aspects of who we are. There are many shadows that hide within us, shadows we may not currently even know exist. The truth is, there is no light without darkness, no up without down, no happiness without sadness. Finding the balance within who we are and what makes you, "you", is a part of this lifelong journey.

Here's a practice of self awareness you probably haven't done yet.

Because we generally do not sit around all day contemplating what experiences have created the person we have become today, the self awareness practice you can easily incorporate into your existence is

the practice of asking "2 WHYs & 2 Whats"

Yes that's it! Its that simple.

How does this work?

Ever wonder why you said yes when you really meant no? Generally we don't wonder, we just get upset (or feel some other type of emotion).

Ask yourself - 2 WHYs?

"Why did I (state in DETAIL what you did) say yes to working more hours when I am so exhausted?"

"Why do I (state the GENERAL situation) say yes when I want to say no?"

Ask yourself - 2 WHATs?

"What does this tell me about myself?" (What in my past does this stem from)

"What should I do in the future to prepare myself for when this happens again?" (What can I do to honor my feelings in the future)

2 WHYs & 2 WHATs

  • WHY in detail
  • WHY in general
  • WHAT causes me to do this
  • WHAT can I do in the future

If you go a step further and journal these experiences, you'll begin to see a common thread. The awareness of that common thread will shift your life.

Developing this self awareness practice will shine the light onto some of the hidden reasons as to why you do what you do, and will assist you on your personal growth and self discovery journey.

Here is a breathing exercise of Self Awareness you can listen to...

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