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What you should know

about your life's purpose

and 3 questions to ask yourself everyday!

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Most of us are in search of our life purpose.

As a Life Coach, I work with people who are in search of their life's purpose. I have found that many people are struggling with this, including myself!


Because we realize the life we are living is not fulfilling to our soul.

In fact, most people feel our internal "cup" is empty from filling up everyone else's around us. We are left feeling tired, deprived, and not in alignment with our authentic self.

In working on myself and with clients, its important to know that its ok to not know exactly what your life's purpose is. The reason is because it is always evolving as you do.

Focus on the verb versus the noun.

Yes some people are writers or artists or healers, and that is an absolute for them, but most of the time I find that our life's purpose has more to do with a verb than it does with a noun, and more often align with our own values and desires, than those of our own family.

Think back to when you were a child and what you enjoyed doing. What was the "action or verb"? I enjoyed playing school although I did not become a school teacher. However in my own quest to find my life's purpose, I realized teaching is a huge part of what I need to do, and today I teach women.

As you evolve, so too will your purpose. A teacher for example may start to feel unfulfilled financially however find that their life's purpose is still teaching, but evolves from teaching elementary school students to leading spiritual workshops and teaching women how to rise above their pain.

Affirmation spoken by the Science of Mind...

"We are here for God. Our purpose is to express the nature of God as Love, Abundance, and Joy in everything we do. The Good we seek for ourselves is what we desire for all people everywhere."

During a visit to the Center for Spiritual Living, I had an a-ha moment when we recited the above affirmation...

"...Our purpose is to express the nature of God as

Love, Abundance, and Joy in everything we do..."

That's when it hit me!

That's our purpose in this life, in this human experience!


Thats it! Its that simple!

We all know this right? I know it. You know it. But for some reason on that day, I truly felt it in my heart, not JUST to be the expression of Source, but that it IS my life's purpose to do so, and yours too.

Be God/Source's expression of what Love feels like, of what Abundance looks like, of what Joy tastes like!

Can you imagine if the human race consciously did this every day?

No one would be "in search of" their life's purpose. We would all be living it!

Now, as a Life Coach who works specifically with people on finding their life's purpose, I will say this:

  • define your values
  • connect with action words you enjoy doing
  • be the full expression of Source in everything you do

and there you will find what you have come to do in this lifetime!

The 3 Important Questions to ask yourself everyday:

I write these 3 questions on post-it notes and plant them around me so that I see it multiple times a day. I hang it on my bathroom mirror, place one in my phone case, another in my car. This assists me on staying on track with my mission and my life's purpose, and avoid getting trapped in the mundane of life and preventing my focus from traveling elsewhere.

I'd like to encourage you to do the same! It will teach you to listen to your intuition and what it feels like when it speaks to you. It will also provide you an opportunity to "check in" with yourself repeatedly throughout the day, understanding what it feels like to make decisions consciously, rather than unconsciously and then regretting it later.

So to recap this post:

  • Understand your #1 purpose in this lifetime is to BE the expression of our Divine Source in everything you do, for yourself, for all living beings and for the planet. Don't worry if you don't know what your life's purpose is, allow this understanding of being an extension of Source to guide your actions. You will evolve, and so will your understanding. 
  • Ask yourself those 3 questions when making decisions, even if the decision is as small as "should I watch this tv show". However, always remember life is about having fun too and sometimes watching that tv show will do you good!
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