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You Don't Need Permission

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Stop asking for permission.

I'm bursting at the seams with this mantra practice and must share with all of you. We are women, fully grown adults who are still asking for permission...

... Permission to feel our emotions, to do what our heart is calling out for, to speak our own truths, to grow, to let go.

We are holding ourselves, our soul, back from experiences in this life. We are waiting for someone else to tell us it's ok, to give us permission, their approval, for what we know within our very own self that needs to occur. My dear sisters, we do not need permission from anyone. We have only one who we need to ask, and that is our Higher Self, our own soul.

There a many reasons why we still feel the need to get someone else's consent to do something in our lives. Your belief system is one of them. Think back to when you were a child. We are born into family guidelines, religious structures, and societal judgments. We are made to believe as a child we must get permission first before going forth, and yet that makes sense for good reason as children. However, we grow into adults and by then have become conditioned to continue asking permission before moving forward, making changes, and following our heart.

Our experiences as a child, "that others know better", create a part of our belief system that we grow into adults and still carry. We are told to feel (or not feel) a certain way. We are groomed to believe what is appropriate and what is not, whether we agree with it or not.

We are raised to be "good girls" to "be nice"

and not rock the boat or upset others.

Sometimes we have to rock the boat, and unfortunately, sometimes others will indeed get upset. We women have placed more value on not upsetting others, and have accepted the upset we feel within our own selves. We all have done this: in friendships, intimate relationships, parenting, families, business partnerships, and in our society. We put our needs last, with hopes of "someday" experiencing our heart's desires. The trouble is, someday never comes. It remains a futuristic experience we only hope for.

You must rock that boat now. You must listen to your Higher Self and follow your intuition, that whispering voice within that is trying to help guide you. We don't need permission from anyone outside of ourselves. Sharing thoughts and ideas with a friend or family member is fair, but understanding only you know what is right for you is imperative. No one has your perspective and experiences in your life to be able to truly give you sound advice that is appropriate and right for you. Only you can give truly accurate advice to yourself.

Yes, there will be times when if we choose to live in our own truths, it will upset others. Maybe you are in a marriage and feel you have outgrown it. You mind swirls around the worry of judgment from others if you decide to leave. You fear raising children in a broken home. You decide that living unhappy in order to make others happy is what you must do. Here lies the problem.

We are only half living. We are not fully

engaged in this gift of life.

What if I told you that when you begin to live your life fully engaged, fully aware of all your feelings and emotions, fully determined to authentically live your existence in your soul's truth, you allow others to do the same. You become the drop that creates the ripple. It is only in your own perception that you will cause pain and create upset in those around you. It does not necessarily mean this will actually happen, or that if it does, it will last forever.

Living authentically in your own truths summons

those around you to align with theirs.​

Stop Asking Permission.

Stop looking for permission to live your life at your soul's level.

Stop asking for permission to quit your job, leave a relationship, take a vacation, or stand up for yourself.

Stop waiting for permission to follow your heart's callings.

Give Yourself Permission.

Give yourself permission to listen to your inner whispers.

Give yourself permission to cry, to retreat, to honor all aspects of your being, the light and the shadow.

Give yourself permission to rise up and into the woman you are meant to be for you, your community, and our world.

Give yourself permission to follow your heart, dare to dream, and to see the magic all around you.

Give yourself permission to fulfill your soul's purpose and mission and be who you have come into this lifetime to be!

"I don't need your permission" mantra

Find a quiet space to sit and close your eyes. Ground yourself with your breath, breathing deeply into the belly and lungs and letting all the air out before taking another breath.

Repeat the following words to yourself...

"I don't need your permission"

Simply repeat these words over and over to yourself. After just a few minutes of sitting still and using this mantra, situations will begin to surface in your mind. Don't overthink it, just observe what these situations are. You don't even have to think of situations at all, but they will begin to reveal themselves to you. Continue repeating "I don't need your permission" mantra and observe the emotions that bubble up. Feel them, don't stuff them. Cry and let go. Do this every day and watch how you suddenly begin to feel empowered within.

There is power in using the word your in this mantra, "I don't need your permission". Although you will just be repeating this mantra without a particular situation in mind, as I said situations will begin to surface. You will become a witness to yourself and those situations you may not even currently realize you have been waiting for permission before making a choice.

After 5 minutes (or longer if you choose) of repeating this mantra and observing what situations presented themselves to you, pull out your journal and write!

Use this mantra

shift your perspectives

change your life!

Stop asking for others permission

and take back your power now.

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