• Introducing this self-paced course that will

    transform your life from the inside out

    Dear Sisters,

    Are you feeling that internal struggle between what your soul knows is right for you, and what you've grown up believing is appropriate?


    Is it becoming increasingly painful to live in the life you've unconsciously created, because you are awakening to the life you want to be living?


    I've been there, I was that woman too. I created the life that society required of me and that I was told to live...

    • college degree and respectable career woman
    • home owner
    • married 
    • material possession purchaser (to keep me more in debt)
    • church attendee
    I had what appeared to others as a great life, but I was lost inside.
    Until I learned the secrets to creating the life that I WANTED to live! I found these secrets over years of reading, searching, and self exploration, and it turned me into a woman who has a voice and knows how to use it.
    I've taken what I learned, processed it through my own perspectives, and decided to write a book and create an online course for other women who are beginning your journey of a new path of awakening. 
  • Sacred Rebel Rising™

    Online Course

    • Self Paced Online Course means you move through the course as your flow of life allows for you 
    • 6 modules with video and workbook
    • over 5 hours of video teachings 
    • 26 page downloadable workbook
    • Private Facebook Group for support and connection with other women

    6 Modules and Descriptions

    Module 1 ~ Life Theme & Belief Systems

    a discussion of your belief systems, revisiting your past of all the important experiences that have shaped you into who and where you are today, creation of your life timeline and theme


    Module 2 ~ Unearthing Your Buried Sacred Cries

    You’ll name your 1st Sacred Cry you experienced in this lifetime and learn that anxiety, fear, worry, lack of self worth, control issues, perfectionism, lack of healthy boundaries, and people pleasing are all symptoms of a bigger and deeply buried problem we all have in common


    Module 3 ~ The Universe is Working With You

    You’ll learn the power of your thoughts and how you are consciously, or unconsciously, creating your life with your thoughts, what it means to be a Co-Creator in your life, the two key ingredients required to create your own reality!


    Module 4 ~ Powerless to Powerful

    You’ll learn the 3-C’s of creating a trusting relationship with yourself, the differences between being confrontational and assertive, and how our own perceptions get in the way, Saying No is an absolute must for a healthy life!

    Disease is really a dis-ease within the mind, body, or spirit


    Module 5 ~ Empowered Living

    You’ll learn how excuses ARE choices you create in your life and how owning your own excuses empowers you to rise above, a brief visual guided meditation accompanies this module


    Module 6 ~ Expanding Into the Life You Choose

    You’ll create a new life timeline and a new life theme of your future, a new story creation that you’ll focus on from this day forward, this module also accompanies a visual guided meditation of your future self

  • Sacred Rebel Rising™ Course

    Stripping Away Societal Beliefs, Reclaiming Control & Discovering Your Own Path

  • Sacred Rebel Rising™ Course Praise & Testimonials

    What women are saying about Sacred Rebel Rising™ Course!

  • stephanie miranda

    The Sacred Rebel course is very well put together. It flows through a journey of beliefs, choice and forgiveness, and brings you to a place of empowerment to create the life you want! I loved the flow and group aspect that Tara created! Grateful for the opportunity to do this and highly recommend this to others!

    Meghan Tokarik

    I loved The Sacred Rebels course! I felt as if I was not alone. We have the power to brighten our future and face the unknown. Strength is definitely one of the things you will gain from this course followed by inspiration. The homework was helpful and never an inconvenience during a busy week. I received new material for myself after this course. Tara has helped me in the past so I knew this journey would be beneficial. I highly recommend this course.

    Jennifer Estabrook

    Tara has been an inspiration and after completing her Sacred Rebel course I feel refreshed and inspired to dig deeper to discover the inner workings for my personal development. This course was exactly what I needed to help strengthen the fire within and it helped me to discover certain things about myself that I was at best in denial about and at worst needed to not just sweep it under the carpet. If you are looking for a course that will make you work and help you uncover the mysterious ways in which you work this course is for you.

    serenity Lord

    Tara is knowledgeable, supportive and non judgemental, and has provided a wonderful opportunity for self discovery. This was an enjoyable and challenging process. It was just the right mix of demanding and intriguing, but not so time consuming that I could not fit it into my VERY busy schedule. I learned a lot about myself, and feel good moving on as a Sacred Rebel and using these tools in my life on an ongoing bases.

    Maya Ushikubo

    Tara is such a well of wisdom and inspiration. I met her in 2012 & definitely haven't forgotten her empowered presence and sacred connection with Spirit. The content is RICH and so very vital to deep transformation. Thank you Tara for the invitation to lift myself of the weight of the past & to put some things to rest that had been attached to me far too long. It's been such a great 6 weeks & I feel that the teachings will be spilling into the rest of my life for self-growth & letting go. Blessed.

  • 90 Day money back guarantee!

    Its a Win no matter what!

    Either you experience a transformational shift in your life

    or you get your money back!

    I am so sure that you will find transformational value in this course that I will offer you a 90 day money back guarantee if you don't. There are however, rules for receiving your full refund within the 90 days. Here is how it works..


    Complete Course

    Do the work in the course on your own. If after you completed it, and you feel there was no value go to step 2.


    Contact Tara

    Together, you will receive private coaching with Tara within each of the 6 modules.



    If after completing individual coaching with Tara through all 6 modules, and you still feel you have received no value, Tara will refund you 100%.

  • The Book ~ Sacred Rebel ~

    #1 Amazon best seller & hot new releases

    Learn how to strip away beliefs, reclaim control & discover your own path


    Most people are living a life made up of a belief system that is not their own; what’s worse is they haven’t recognized it. We are a society controlled by outside forces, and too exhausted to do something about it. The search seems too difficult. Until now.

    Sacred Rebel is a call for you to connect with your Divine nature, and let Source be your guide. It’s about the veils that have been pulled over our eyes and how to unleash these veils in order to live an authentic and empowering life. Sacred Rebel shines the light on how to witness your own perceptions, recognize beliefs that are not yours, reclaim control over your life, and discover your own paths for self discovery and expansion.

    Do you know that fear, anxiety, worry, lack of self worth and self esteem are only the symptoms to a much deeper rooted issue that all of humanity suffers from? Healing the root cause instead of trying to deal with these surface symptoms will provide you with a life that all makes sense!

    Sacred Rebel is filled with contemplative questions and ah-ha moments, that you’ll be sure to see your life clearer. This book teaches women that it’s imperative to trust their intuition, and that they are safe to make choices, create healthy boundaries, and forge their own path of self discovery! Become your own Sacred Rebel!

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  • Sacred Rebel Rising™

    Online course companion to the book

    Go deeper with the Sacred Rebel Rising™ Course


    Sacred Rebel Rising™ is the key to your self discovery journey because it allows you to unveil the untruths you’ve been programed to believe, become a witness to the life you have created so far, and it empowers you to take ownership in the choices you make by reclaiming your personal power!


    This online course is for you

    • if you pay more attention to everyone else’s needs and leave yours out in the cold
    • you feel overwhelmed with where you should begin your search
    • are looking for answers as to why you suffer from symptoms of fear, anxiety, worry, perfectionism, control, lack of self worth, and saying yes too often
    • have issues with creating healthy boundaries 
    • or maybe you’ve been going about life totally happy and kosher and then one day you suddenly feel different.  All of a sudden you find yourself wishing for something more and feel an inner nudge to go out and find it!


    Whatever you are experiencing, the bottom line is you are here right now! You may be experiencing signs and synchronicities but yet have no idea or maybe just a small hint of what it means.

    This is the thing… there is an energetic shift happening in our world and some people have been feeling it, some are just beginning to experience it, and yet there are some who have no idea what I mean by this. But you are here, so that tells me you have noticed it!


    You are being summoned to awaken, to see the unseen, to lift the veils of lies and finally realize there is more to your life and existence!

  • Speak with Tara Directly!

    Send Tara an email about why you feel you need help in Rising Up into a Sacred Rebel!

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