• What is SoulCollage®?

    Intuition & Intention

    SoulCollage® is an intuitive process of self discovery using a collage of images you create on cards, where each card reveals one of the many different aspects of yourself.


    SoulCollage® is one of the greatest tools for self discovery and healing because it allows your intuition to guide you while your subconscious is able to reveal itself. You can set intentions before making cards or you can allow your internal guidance system to guide you.


    Your SoulCollage® cards are special to you, because they ARE you! They are all the many different aspects of yourself, and each card holds its own energy. When creating your cards, you alone are the one who works with the cards you create.


    Ways to work with your cards:

    • to heal from trauma, grief, emotional pain
    • if you enjoy working with Oracle Cards, then SoulCollage® is great for this, as it is personalized specifically for you
    • cultivates creativity and assists movement and flow in your life
    • allows you to release creatively what you may have difficulty putting words to
  • Your SoulCollage® deck

    There are 4 suits to your deck, and 3 Transpersonal cards representing Source, SoulEssence and Witness.  


    4 suits:

    • Committee Suit - which represents your inner voice, personality, and feelings
    • Council Suit - represents archetypes, the invisible realm, and dreams
    • Companion Suit - these are animal energies that reside with your chakras and a guided meditation is used to discover them, for those that do not work with the chakra system can use this suit for animals you feel connected with
    • Community Suit - this suit is of those close to you and people you admire and who inspire you, your supporters, challengers, family and friends
  • What is SoulCollage®?

    SoulCollage® is a creative and intuitive process of collaging images together onto a single card, with that card representing a certain aspect of yourself, of your personality, or of a message from your Higher Self.

  • Schedule your own private SoulCollage® Sessions

    or invite her to join your group of friends for a workshop via online or in person (various locations in Arizona)

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