• "I am the sacred space keeper for my sisters

    to unearth their buried truths and unleash their hidden powers

    so as to live this life with purpose and authenticity"

  • tara fournier

    Tara Fournier is a Transformational Life Coach for Women,

    Empowerment Guide, and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Sacred Rebel.


    She teaches women how to become a witness in their lives,

    how to create healthy boundaries, and empowers women to live an

    authentic life filled with purpose ON PURPOSE.


    Tara leads Womens Workshops & Retreats to provide opportunities

    for women to experience

    self care, self love, self discovery, and tribal support

    amongst a circle of women searching for

    true feminine connection and expansion.


    Tara guides you to connect with your intuition,

    find the courage to question everything you’ve been conditioned to believe,

    and strip away all that no longer serves your highest purpose.


    Call on Tara to assist you in finding your inner power, and owning it!

  • A Soul's Sacred Cry

    Tara experienced abandonment as a very young child, which formed her impressions of the world until she was in her early 30's. Until then, she unknowingly searched for relationships that would contribute to the cycles of abandonment and all the feelings associated with it. She laid all her personal control into the hands of other men, while she 

    unconsciously allowed them to dictate her life.


    She felt insecure and desired validation from everyone and everything outside of herself.

    Tara felt disconnected from her soul, unaware of the Divine Sacred Power that laid buried deep within.

  • Thankful & Grateful

    Tara finally experienced the connection to Yoga in 2009 (which she shares in her book SACRED REBEL), and it changed her life perceptions completely. This is where her spiritual journey began.


    She recognized the spiritual power deeply seeded within all beings. The veils lifted from her eyes and the world became magical. Tara realized she had the power all along.


    Everything she thought she knew was stripped away. Layer by layer, Tara released what no longer served her Higher Self, and new understandings arose from the depths of her soul.

  • "I own my body, my thoughts,

    my choices, my mistakes, my excuses,

    my shadows, my story...

    I see it all and call it mine."

    and she empowers other women to see their power too

    The Universe Provides

    When you open your soul and allow Divine energy to flow through you, you'll be amazed at what presents itself.


    In 2017, Tara was contacted by Transformation.tv, interviewed for her work in helping women, and accepted the opportunity to join their Expert Teacher Faculty, in order to share her mission of empowerment with even more women.


    Tara wrote the book SACRED REBEL (which hit #1 Best Seller and Hot New Releases on Amazon), and created an in-depth online course for women to explore themselves more deeply.

  • What I Offer Women

    I guide women on the process of how to strip away all the beliefs that have been imprinted onto them so they can discover their own truths.


    I support women on their journey of self discovery, assisting them in getting crystal clear on what is not serving their Higher Sacred Self, how to take ownership over their mind, body, and spirit, and create a life of purpose that is in alignment with their soul.


    I offer women ways in which to repair their past, create healthy boundaries, reclaim control and begin anew.


    I share my search for truth, my desired contribution for spiritual elevation, and my authentic heart.

  • Jessica Nicole

    Teacher, Proofreader & Copy Editing

    "Tara is an AMAZING life coach! I highly recommend her if you are seeking guidance on how to live a life in line with your soul's purpose."

    Rita Rooks

    Intuitive Energy Healer, Health Coach, CBD Educator,  Reiki Master/Teacher, BCCP, ECCP & Retired Nurse

    "Tara is an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, hard working, giving spirit! She is a wonderful coach and yoga instructor and has many more talents. I have attended her women retreats and her healing sound restorative yoga classes and am looking forward to working with her more in the future!"

    Meghan Tokarik

    Dental Assistant

    "Tara gave me strength and opened doors in my mind I never knew were there. She was and always will be my spiritual guide to happiness and truth. She taught me how to overcome my anxiety and channel it into more positive things like exercise, yoga and reading books that relate to me and won't make me feel like I'm alone. This woman changed my life and I will forever use the tools she gave me. Everyday I use these tools for strength and peace."

    Theresa Anne

    Shaman, Life Purpose Hand Analyst, Herbalist, Energy Medicine

    "Are you sensing that your life feels “off” somehow, but you’re not sure what to do about it? Tara, of My Divine Compass, has an intuitive gift of cutting through illusions to see the Truth. She helps women design a life that’s 100% true and authentic. She is the “go-to” coach to set and accomplish goals that really matter to your soul, so that you can fulfill your life’s purpose! If you want every facet of your life to feel good and right at the core of your being… if you want to feel your power back in your body… you found the way right here! Tara walks her talk, feet on the ground, heart in the heavens… her compass and her soul are truly Divine!"

  • You know you are a sacred rebel Honoring your inner goddess because you:

    • Trust Yourself!
    • Trust the Universe and its messages
    • Recognize your body, mind, and spirit as a temple to be honored and cared for
    • Do not seek approval from anyone except yourself
    • Live by Healthy Boundaries you've created
    • Follow your own belief system, not beliefs others have imprinted onto you
    • Respect your feelings, honor your passions
    • Live Authentically and walk the path you've carved out for yourself
    • Seek your own truths

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